About us - made by tired parents

Family portrait of Anika, Bodo and their child

When we (Anika and Bodo) were asked for what to buy our newborn, we were pretty tired (birth and all) - and helpless. We had specific gifts in mind that would be really helpful, and a lot of family members, friends and colleagues to bring together. How does that work without getting frustrated and overworked and without getting the same rattle twice? All that PLUS we didn’t want everything ordered from the biggest online store there is, but rather support smaller and local stores.

We found some wishlists online, but none that were neat, independent and didn’t require a log in. Since we are programmers and makers, we decided to build our own thing. (maybe it was the hormones that made us think we could do this while working two jobs and, well a baby!)

Meet Wishlephant - the elephant that never forgets

We kid you not: It took 9 months to finish our project. An online wishlist. Independent, easy shareable and neat. No login required. For all ages, everyone with and without kids. For Eid al-Fitr , baby showers, Summer Parties, Weddings, Christmases, baby’s first day at school and other occasions to celebrate.

The good thing for all parents and all sleep deprived: It’s so easy you can do it in your sleep. Or on your mobile - if you happen to have a minute alone on the loo.

Surprise, Surprise!

This is how it works: Create your wishlist and share it! There are two versions: One for you and one for sharing with people who want to give you presents (we call them guests for a lack of a better word). Your guests can claim presents. So everyone can see who wants to bring what and nobody buys the same thing twice. You don’t get notified of who claimed what, so you can still be surprised in the end if you want to be.

We hope Wishlephant saves you a lot of headaches and family management. The good thing: an elephant never forgets. Especially the ones with a magic wand.

Let’s go. Pling.

The logo of Wishlephant. An elefant holding a magic wand.

A little bit of information for everyone who wants to know more.


The website is fully usable using a keyboard only, we have alternate descriptions for every picture. We try to make wishlephant usable for everyone. Not working for you? We would love to hear your feedback.

Money Money Money

We invested a lot of our time and (sleep) time and hope that we will get a return on that investment sometime in the future. Currently it works like this: if you open links to online shops and buy presents through those links, we will get a small percentage as commission. Depending on if we are an affiliate partner of that online store. We donate 80% of our profit to charities that try to make our world a better place. Starting at the Berlin lesbian and gay organization who helps queer refugees, Kleiner 5 against right-wing populism, Mother Hood e.V. for better and more secure midwifery, SeaWatch , who rescue humans in need and KIMI, who highlight diverse and inclusive books for kids and young adults.

What else?

If we don't work on the page at night or sleep, we work on other projects you might already know.

Bodo is a CODA (child of deaf adults) and started signdict.org - a online sign language dictionary for the german sign language. 2015 he helped organized Eurucamp and is a freelance software developer.

Anika is co-founder of the little village - a coworking space with pikler childcare in Berlin Friedrichshain. Before that she ran Travis Foundation, a Foundation that fosters diversity in IT. She also founded the first feminist mum group in Berlin and is very addicted to Instagram: Follow her at @langziehohr.

Wishlephant is our second baby. Our first is nearly five years old.