One List. Two links. Nap!

If you are done creating your wishlist, it looks kinda like this:

A completed wishlist

If you click on "Share list" you will get two links for your wishlist.

The dialog for sharing your wishlist

① The first one is for sharing! 🎁

With this link you can see the list and claim presents. You can send this to everyone who should gift something. THe list for them looks like this:

A wishlist as seen by other people.

✨🙈 Tip: If you want to be surprised, never open that link after you shared it. You might see who claimed what.

② The second link is for you! ⚠️

With the second link you can edit and delete your wishlist. Share it only with people who should be able to edit the wishlist.

The wishlist as seen by you.

That's it. As soon as you send the list to everyone, your work is done. You can now lay back and nap. Or drink a tee. Or visit a Fridays For Future Protest 💚

If you want to speed things up, we have a couple of extensions that make it easier to add items to your wishlist.

More questions? Send us an eMail!

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