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Wishlephant is using Bugsnag to identify errors in our code. Should an error appear Bugsnag will be informed and stores the data in an anonymized form. The privacy statement of Bugsnag can be found here.


We are using SendGrid to send emails. Every email we sent is stored on SendGrid for a limited time. The privacy statement of SendGrid can be found here.

Amazon partner program

We are part of the Amazon partner program. If you click on a Amazon link and buy products there, we will get a small commission.

Awin Affiliate Marketing

This website is using the Performance Advertising Netzwerk of AWIN AG, Eichhornstra├če 3, 10785 Berlin, Germany. As part of its tracking services, AWIN stores cookies to document transactions (such as leads and sales) on Devices of users who visit or use their customers' websites or other online services (e.g. Register newsletter or place an order in an online shop). These cookies are for the sole purpose of a correct allocation of the success of an advertisement and the corresponding settlement in the context of his Network. Personal data is not collected, processed or used by AWIN. The Cookie only contains the information about when a particular advertising material was clicked. The AWIN Tracking Cookie is an unique id, but not to an individual user assignable digit sequence, used to document the affiliate program of an advertiser, the publisher and the time of the action by the user (click or biew). AWIN also collects information about the device from which a transaction is made, e.g. the operating system and the calling browser

More information about the data processing of AWIN can be found here:

Request for information or deletion

You have the right to ask us what data we store about you on our server. We will provide that information for free. We also will delete all data that is stored about you on our servers if you request us to do so. If you have any question about your data or your privacy, feel free to contact us using the address in the impressum.